Member companies have access to the Berkshire Innovation Center’s facility and to the BIC's advanced R&D equipment, training programs, laboratories, conference rooms, offices, and accelerator spaces. Usage fees are substantially discounted below market prices.

Berkshire Health Systems logo

Berkshire Health Systems (BHS) is the leading provider of comprehensive healthcare services for residents of and visitors to Berkshire County.

As the largest employer in Berkshire County, BHS supports more than 4,000 jobs in the region, and, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, BHS is committed to partnering with local municipalities and community organizations to help the county thrive.

Based in Lee, MA, Boyd Biomedical is a materials science and advanced manufacturing company specializing in single-use medical devices made from their innovative materials.  In addition to manufacturing medical bandages and devices from the multitude of their own product materials, Boyd Technologies also offers product development, testing, and manufacturing to outside businesses in the industry.

Digital Eyes Film

Digital Eyes Film is a US-based (Northampton, MA) independent media/production company specializing in documentary film, social impact media, independent distribution, and media consulting.

DIVE technologies

Dive Technologies is an American veteran-owned small business that produces autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) designed to withstand long operations at oceanic depths. Dive Technologies’ AUV systems are utilized by both commercial and military partners for advanced subaquatic surveillance and reconnaissance.

Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. is an international company that specializes in understanding the effects of various electromagnetic phenomena such as lightning or nuclear EMPs on military and civilian vehicles and equipment. In addition to providing valuable scientific consultations to corporate clients, EMA tests electromagnetic effects through both real world experimentation and advanced 3D simulation

With offices around the country, including one in Pittsfield, General Dynamics Mission Systems is a massive company that designs and produces cutting edge electronic defense system. General Dynamics Mission Systems products are used by all branches of the U.S. military in the traditional combat domains of land, sea, and air, as well as outer- and cyber-space.


Idle Smart is a proprietary automated engine start stop solution that reduces fleets' fuel consumption as well as vehicle downtime caused by dead batteries and cold start conditions.  Idle Smart will save $4,000+ in fuel per vehicle per year without adding any extra weight or ongoing maintenance costs or expenses. It is designed to operate in the most extreme conditions, Idle Smart will pay for itself within days of being installed.


Interprint is an international corporation specializing in the design and production of specialty décors that are used on wood-based panels to provide cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing surfaces and furniture. Interprint’s vertically integrated structure allows them to control the entire production process of their décors, allowing for high-quality products to be made at an efficient pace.


Intertek is an international assurance and quality control company that tests, inspects, and certifies its clients’ operations and supply chains as well as providing safety training and consulting. Intertek’s services are used by a number of companies in a great host of industries including chemicals, energy, construction, and governmental agencies.

Lenco Armored Vehicles

Lenco is a manufacturing company in Pittsfield, MA specializing in the development and production of specialized armored vehicles for fire departments, emergency medical services, and police and armed forces. In addition to selling producing and selling armored vehicles, Lenco also offers a catalog of specialty car parts and robust refurbishment services

LympheDIVAs logo

LympheDIVAs designs and manufactures medical graduated compression garmets using their exclusive in-house designs.  The company was founded by two women with lymphedema who wanted an alternative to the standard rough-textured, heavy, hot, beige, and bandage-like compresssion sleeves that were available.

Mill Town Capital is an investment firm in Pittsfield, MA with a mission of improving life for citizens of the Berkshires through strategic local investments. With a permanent office in the Berkshire Innovation Center, Mill Town Capital has made a commitment to funding innovative startup ventures that will help revitalize Berkshire industries
Modern Mold & Tool logo

Modern Mold & Tool is the custom injection mold-making and molding arm of the Toner Plastics group and services many high-tech industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive, and defense.  Their primary focus is making high quality injection molds and producing molded medical components for several market leading customers.


moveEV has built a software solution that offers corporate sustainability benefits and an educational platform designed to engage employees to lead the transition to electric vehicles.  Their education programs introduce employees to the EV driving experience, cost savings and climate benefits with the goal of transforming employees into ambassadors, accelerating adoption in the local community and beyond.


Neenah Performance Materials is an international company that manufactures advanced paper and related products as well as providing an array of custom solutions such as printing and color matching to meet their clients' needs. With manufacturing centers in both the United States and Europe, Neenah Performance Materials is a vital company in the production side of the publishing industry.

The New Dalton Group

Based in Dalton, MA, the New Dalton Group is a development consulting firm whose mission is to support regional economic growth through business development and the commercialization of innovative technologies. The New Dalton Group’s consulting practices also specialize in strategic planning, as well as supply chain, product, process, and organizational design.

Priti Heated Products logo

Pirit Heated Products manufacturers heated hoses, roof and gutter cables, and pipe heating cables for use in commercial and light industrial settings, agricultural use, consumer and personal use, and RV and camping.

Pro Workforce Performance

Pro Workforce Performance offers consulting and risk management services for reducing workplace movement-based injuries through screening and corrective programs.  They also design and produce custom tools to reduce workplace risk.

Rousselet Robatel is a French centrifuge manufacturing company whose North American base of operations is in Pittsfield, MA. Rousselet Robatel centrifuges are used for a wide variety of purposes such as chemical extraction, purification, and drying in industries ranging from metallurgy to cannabis.


From making cars and planes more fuel-efficient, to helping conserve the world’s water supply and enabling colorful smartphone cases, Sabic finds solutions to the challenges of today to help their customers achieve their ambitions and build a better tomorrow.

Shared Estates Asset Fund logo

Shared Estates Asset Fund is a real estate development and rehabilitation company and the owner-operator of large short-term rental estates.  They renovate historic properties, make them carbon neutral, create sustainable jobs, and fuel a robust local tourist economy, driving a revitalization of our rural County.

Sinicon Plastics

Sinicon Plastics is a manufacturing company in Dalton, MA that specializes in the production of high quality, custom plastic parts that are specified to their clients’ needs. With a wide variety of resin and filler materials and an even greater variety of molding, tooling, and machining equipment, Sinicon Plastics can produce incredibly advanced and precise plastic parts.


SolaBlock is a small startup company whose product is an innovative concrete building block integrated with solar cells allowing for the construction of sustainable energy-producing structures. In an age where corporations such as department and grocery stores rely on cost-effective pillboxes for their buildings, SolaBlock allows these companies to dramatically cut back energy costs with sustainable, green solutions.

Sonoco Plastics

Sonoco Plastics is an international manufacturing company that specializes in the production of a massive array of various packages and protective elements for food companies, material industries, and specialty manufacturers. In addition to providing quality packaging products, Sonoco has made a firm commitment to sustainability and green manufacturing by maximizing process efficiency and minimizing waste.

Spectrum Plastics Group logo

Spectrum Plastics Group's Pittsfield location operates as a precision injection molder and specializes in high-performace plastic injection molding and custom tooling services, including bioresorbable and biocomposite material injection molding technology. The operation was founded in 1983, began clean room molding in 1996, and bioabsorbable material handling and molding in 2006.  Markets served include medical, orthopedic/sports medicine and surgical instrumentation.


Sustaine brings low-cost energy, renewables and energy efficiency to businesses and institutions. Through optimization algorithms, Sustaine recommends best-fit utility, renewables and efficiency options for each client.

BSS Additive

Thimble is an online academy that teaches hardware, coding and tech. With Thimble, kids learn technical skills and build real-world electronics through courses that prepare them for careers in engineering, robotics, and computer systems.


Unistress specializes in the design, production, and construction of large scale precast/prestressed concrete structures.  Unistress has completed more than 500 precast structures throughout the Northeast, including major highway bridges, parking facilities, railway stations, stadiums, casinos, and retail and industrial buildings.

United Aircraft Technologies

United Aircraft Technologies, Inc. manufactures thermoplastic interconnecting clamps and electrical fasteners to incorporate sensors for wiring, monitoring, and diagnostics used in aircraft and other applications.


Vidmob is an international company whose Agile Creative Studio digital marketing platform allows users to not only design creative, story-based ad campaigns, but also to access an impressive and unique suite of data designed to further improve those campaigns. In addition to providing regular businesses with innovative marketing strategies, the Vidmob Gives program helps nonprofits and charitable organizations stay relevant and competitive with cutting-edge advertisements.

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