Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) P100 Filter Cartridge Adapter

At the request of Pittsfield Fire Department Chief Tom Sammons, BIC staff has begun reverse engineered a commercial SCBA full face mask adapter and modified it to use off the shelf P100, P95 and N95 filter cartridges for emergency COVID19 response calls.

The adapter will enable first responders to use equipment they’re already trained on during emergency calls, reducing the chance they’ll become infected. Because SCBA equipment is employed across all Berkshire Fire Departments, the adapter will allow other departments to also use off-the-shelf filter cartridges, lowering costs, speeding up response and saving lives. 

3D printing is well suited for 90% of current multi-part mask adapter assembly. Demonstrating methods to consolidate these parts into one design, and address the small percentage of non-printable parts would be useful in future projects. Experience gained by BIC companies will help them develop similar Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) with applications that include not only municipal EMS equipment, but also expeditionary defense, medical, aerospace industrial, education.

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