COVID-19 Response Efforts

3D Printed Venturi Respirator Valves

The BIC has delivered (25) sample 3D printed venturi respirator valves to BHS medical engineers to assess their use in emergency patient ventilator equipment. We have also offered to contribute 3D printed parts and engineering assistance to design a system for disinfecting N95 and surgical masks.

The FDA and CDC recently authorized limited use of a Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Sterilization process based upon equipment BHS recently acquired. Retrofitting the equipment so that it can sterilize N95, surgical masks and face shields between shifts will help extend hospital supplies until Federal, State and domestic suppliers can meet their needs. 

BIC staff hopes to use our wet lab, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping equipment to help BHS engineers develop the components necessary to assemble and test the system. Based on similar efforts underway in Boston, BHS could sterilize many hundreds of masks per day until more regular supplies can be sourced.  

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