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COVID-19 Response Efforts

A Simple Solution to Protect the Team

Lenco Armored Vehicles designs and manufactures armored vehicles to protect our nation's first responders, law enforement officials, and military personnel.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has taken numerous steps to protect their own personnel.  

One simple yet effective example involves the protection of their shipping and receiving department. To make sure this department was protected, Lenco rented a mobile shipping and receiving container, parked it outside their manufacturing facility, and hired a temporary receiver to work in the mobile office. The receiver is outfitted with full PPE and given a supply of disinfectants and wipes. All packages and deliveries now go to the mobile unit, where the designated receiver carefully disinfects them and places them on the "received" side of the container. All packages stay in the container until the next morning, when they are brought into the main shipping and receiving center.

"We receive hundreds of boxes a day and right away we recognized the anxiety on the faces of those in our shipping and receiving department.  This was a simple but effective way to ease their concerns and provide another layer of protection for our entire team" - Lenny Light

Mobile Shipping & Receiving Container Details:

Rental from here:

Monthly Rental Fee is $563 + tax.  There is also a $289 delivery and pickup fee.

The container has an HVAC Unit.  Lenco had their electricians run power and internet to the office. 

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