STEM Week 2020: Live@TheBIC

STEM Week is an annual statewide effort to boost the interest, awareness and ability for all learners to envision themselves in STEM education and employment opportunities, and compliment the formal instruction happening in the Commonwealth beyond STEM week.

The theme for the third annual statewide STEM Week was “See Yourself in STEM,”with a particular focus on the power of mentoring.  For more information on MASS STEM Week click here.

Here at the BIC, kicked off each morning of STEM Week with a series of interviews between Jeremy Brisiel and experts working with STEM technologies. 

Additional Resources

Looking for activities and workshops to engage your students, more curriculum options, or professional development programs? Check out all of the resources that local organizations offer educators in the region.

ENGIN: Free Virtual Engineering Program from Miss Hall's School

April 3 - May 2, 2021

All middle school girls - grades 5-8 (ages 10–15) - are invited to apply.  During the once-a-week virtual meetings, they will learn about biochemical, aerospace, civil, and software engineering. Our teachers and speakers will be experienced female engineers and tech leaders.

Beyond those sessions, you will also do fun activities with other girls online. You will be able to meet girls from different states and even countries! Your family and teachers will also get access to online resources and information sessions about how to support you in STEM!


National Science Foundation-Supported STEM Education Resources

For many parents, teachers and students, back-to-school routines look a little different this year. Whether you're a teacher searching for lesson-planning content or a parent looking for activities to supplement classroom instruction, these five U.S. National Science Foundation-supported STEM education resources are perfect for virtual learning.

Williams College Center for Learning in Action

The Williams College Center for Learning in Action has some really fantastic videos up on our website (featuring Williams College students) that are fun for kids and grownups alike! Check out our read alouds, Zoom Around the World series, mindfulness and art, and more...spread the word!

Camp GD:

For the love of STEM, General Dynamics Mission Systems employees and interns have come together and created CAMP GD, a virtual lab packed with fun science experiments suitable for all ages. Click on the video title to see a complete list of materials needed for each experiment. Happy Camping! ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED

Berkshire Museum:

The Berkshire Museum is a museum of art and science whose mission is to make inspiring educational connections in the community. They have succeeded in bringing together the Berkshire community with their many educational activities, workshops, and school visits that benefit students and teachers alike.


MassBioEd is a nonprofit whose mission is to grow and develop talent in Massachusetts’ sustainable life sciences workforce. They offer professional development programs, on-site mentoring, grants and awards, and curriculum to benefit all life sciences educators in the state.

The Berkshire STEM Pipeline Network is part of a state-wide initiative bringing together educators and businesses for the improvement of STEM education and workforce development within our community.

The Network was created to:

  • Increase student interest in STEM areas.
  • Increase student achievement in order to prepare high school graduates to be civically and college and/or career ready
  • Increase the percentage of skilled educators who teach PreK–16 STEM
  • Increase the percent of students completing post-secondary degrees or certificates in STEM subjects.
  • STEM degrees and certificate attainment will be aligned with corresponding opportunities in STEM-related fields to match the state’s workforce needs for a STEM talent pipeline.

STEM Pipeline Network: RSRC

The RSRC helps educators from all over Berkshire county to implement more inquiry-based, student-centered science in all classrooms and activities by providing ongoing technical support, access to materials, and equipment. All of our supplies and equipment support the implementation of the Massachusetts Curriculum in Science and Technology/Engineering for K-12 students.

All of the supplies and materials within the RSRC are available at no charge to educators within our STEM Pipeline Network.

Supply List:

  • Lego Mindstorm Robotic Kits
  • Starlab Inflatable Planetarium
  • Microscopes
  • Engineering is Elementary Kits and Unit
  • Binders
  • Trade Books
  • Van de Graaff generators
  • Sun Spotter telescopes
  • Light boxes
  • Fab@School software and cutter
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