Technology & The Future of Work

Originally taught as an undergraduate seminar at NYU, this course offers high school students the opportunity to explore recent trends in technological advancements and consider the future of work.  Read about us HERE



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Understanding Exponential Trends


Implications of Artificial Intelligence


The Future of Work


Exponential Tech & Education

Josh Shapiro

Course Instructor

Born and raised in Stockbridge, MA, Josh is a Monument graduate who now teaches several courses at NYU on creativity, entrepreneurship, technology, and the future of work. He developed these courses for NYU Steinhardt's department of Teaching & Learning to introduce future teachers to concepts that will become increasingly relevant to students’ lives. One of these courses (Technology & The Future of Work) was selected as part of NYU's "Star Courses & Big Ideas" initiative for the fall, with an expected enrollment of 500+ students. Josh also recently worked for Andrew Yang's presidential campaign, as well as Hawkfish LLC.

Course Overview

In this course, students will gain familiarity with exponential trends, learn to recognize artificial intelligence in their daily lives, and explore the implications of accelerating change. We will analyze how we view work as a society, what work means to us as individuals, and discuss possible solutions to mass unemployment and automation.


1. Understanding Exponential Trends

As humans we are naturally inclined to think of growth linearly. Using examples like compound interest, the Chinese economy in the 20th century, and the spread of infectious diseases like Covid-19, we will learn to identify exponential trends and understand why they so often sneak up on us. We will then examine the accelerating rate of change and what it means to live in a world defined by exponential growth.


2. Implications of Artificial Intelligence

From Siri and Alexa to Google Search and Facebook’s Newsfeed, we interact with versions of “artificial intelligence” constantly, but few of us really understand how they work. Without using any coding, we will learn how to recognize artificial intelligence in our everyday encounters and explore problems that may arise if it becomes too powerful.


3. The Future of Work

Covid-19 has accelerated many trends that will shape what work looks and feels like in the 21st century. These have far-reaching implications, both for what professions we choose to enter & where we choose to live.

At the same time, many experts believe we will soon face mass unemployment due to automation. Can policies like universal basic income help society and the economy adapt to these changes?


4. Exponential Technologies & Education

Blockchain, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, digital fabrication. These are a few emerging technologies that will soon shape our lives in profound ways. What will these technologies look like in 10 years? What jobs will they create, and what jobs will they destroy? Given the uncertainty of our future, what knowledge and skills are relevant for students to learn?

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